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So what is private coaching? If you were to simplify puppetry training into two different contexts, public and private. Public puppetry training would be the general sessions which are available at puppet festivals. Typically these sessions are very much front led and tend to be on set topics. Often with so many people in attendance opportunities for questions can be limited, or swamped with issues that don't concern you.

I have been offering private coaching sessions at puppet festivals since 2008, but at the beginning of 2014 I have started to offer this as a standalone session outside of the context of a puppet festival.

Private coaching has a few very significant benefits:

Firstly, I can come to you! One of the cool things about private coaching is getting the benefit of puppetry training in your own practice room or performance space. By having me come to you it enables you to work through issues in the real world of your own staging and team confines.

Secondly, you choose the shape of the day. What is it that you or your team would like to work on? Are you planning a big show for Christmas, the Summer or Easter? Perhaps you're planing on shooting a music video with puppets? Why not plan a whole new routine and take a day to come up with the concept and start working on it.

Private coaching basically is puppet training on your own terms...It's a chance to try out new things in your own stage, with your own puppets whilst using your own PA system. We can work through a song together, or a new performance of some sort... or maybe just work on general performance techniques. That's the joy of it, it's completely bespoke, completely tailored around you!
Private Coaching...
"Private coaching is training on your own terms... It's a chance to try out new things in your own stage, with your own puppets whilst using your own PA system."