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Over the many years I've been involved with puppetry I have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people and make some great friendships... some of my friends were kind enough to say nice things about my work too:
"David's puppets are ace, there are hardly words!"

Phil Fletcher
Hacker T Dog on CBBC
Hellyer's Puppet Workshop -  what a lot of wonderful puppet characters!"

Ronnie Le Drew
Showbiz Legend  - Zippy
"Hellyer's Puppets are unique characters made to an exceptional standard, they are professional quality. I love the mouths of Hellyer's Puppets, they are easy to manipulate for both the amateur and professional puppeteer or ventriloquist".

Ella Havell
Award Winning Ventriloquist
"David's puppets are fun and engaging, and his dedication to his craft is really inspiring".

Philip Hatter
Thistledown Puppets

I continue to be amazed by the creativity I see coming out of Hellyer's Puppet Workshop. David constantly seeks out new building challenges and his skills take huge leaps forward with every new puppet he makes".

Todd Liebenow
Puppeteer - Creative Ministry Solutions