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No man is an island, and I certainly wouldn't have achieved anywhere near what I have managed to achieve without the help of my friends and family... here are some links to sites that I check regularly. This list is a real mix of business contacts, family members, friends and mentors and people I've never met. If you think you've got a link I should be looking at do feel free to tweet or email it to me so I can check it out too... one of the things I love about puppetry is that you can always learn new things! 
Vivid [Broadcast, Events & Production]

The Vivid team have supported me in one way or another since day one... in fact they still host my website! If you're planning your own boradcast, event or production they are well worth checking out... they're top quality folks!

My oldest brother lives and works in Bosnia & Herzegovina with his wife. Take a peek at their blog to stay up to date with what they're doing... in short they're pioneering youth work in the country!
Puppeteers Unite

Puppetry updates from all over the world are delivered to your door (almost) thanks to Puppeteers Unite. There's always stuff going on - well worth checking out!
The Puppet Hut

I love The Puppet Hut becuase not only is it a super-cool shop full of puppets... but it's just down the road from where I live! If you're a vent or magician this place is definately for you, lots of cool one-off puppets available!

Great art painted on a canvas of reclaimed wood is just one of the things that stands out about Mr Adam's work... the other thing is he's my other brother (also older than me). Check out his cool Cape Town inspired work!
Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur are simply the best football club in London and it's been my pleasure (at times) to support them since I was a young lad. I get up to The Lane when I can, love the stadium, great atmosphere!

I have found the work of RZIM to be invaluable in my own life of faith. Their aim is to "Help the believer think, and the thinker believe". If you want serious and credible answers to life's big questions take a look.
One Way UK

Once upon a time, many moons ago I worked full time for One Way UK. If you're involved in puppetry in a church, youth club or school these guys are the best place to get your equipment and resources.

Dave Privett is a top class puppet builder, and if you're interested in getting a custom puppet built which involves a mechanism there's nobody better! Dave is an old friend and inspiration, he helped me get started.
Dude Perfect

If you could imagine a dream job, you may well end up dreaming your way into Dude Perfect... these guys are YouTube sensations after they decided to film their insane trick shot skills.
Phil Fletcher (Gluvets)

Phil has been a massive help to me down the years, and I'm pleased to be able to count him amongst my friends. You probably know Phil best for being Hacker T Dog on CBBC. His puppets and puppetry are fantastic!
The Move

The Move is not just a fantastic youth event... it's a gaggle, group, movement or whatever of young people who are passionate about Jesus and living like Him in thier towns, cities and villages. #BeTheMove
Puppeteers UK

I have found the Puppeteers UK website and emails really useful over the years. It's a great one-stop-shop of information for all kinds of puppetry going on in the UK (as their name rightly suggests). Do take a look.