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Puppetry performance was what drew me into puppetry in the first place. As a child I used to play with puppets and the older I got the more adventurous my shows became.

Here are a selection of just a few of the shows I've been involved in designing. Below you'll find brief details of what I designed, built, performed or directed with an accompanying photo from the event. If you would like me to help you write or produce a show, or perhaps design a puppet or prop for your show please email: info@hellyers.com
Show concept: I was approached by an independant music festival to build their mascot and perform him for their annual show. I was asked to make a series of short videos for the internet to promote their event.

Character built: I turned their existing logo mascot into a puppet - a purple highland cow.

Performance info: Whilst the character I built was based on a highland cow the client wanted him to be very distinctive... so we chose to give him a Jamaican accent. Since highliand cows are not purple in real life, it didn't seem to matter that his accent wasn't Scottish. He was a big hit with the festival crowd.
Show concept: I was asked to create a modern retelling of the story of the wise and foolish builders... but the client wanted the show to use shadow puppets. 

Character built: Rather than build a character, I made a collection of props for two real people to interact with.

Performance info: You can see from the photo on the left that this show took a lot of preparation to choreograph, I made a backing track so we took all our cues from the music. The stylised miniature world behind the screen enabled us to perform the drama easily given the constraints of the venue and the particular event that the show was to be part of.
Show concept: Christmas is a great fun time of year, I was asked to help add a twist to an already popular routine by "The Christmas Chefs".

Character built: For this I built a 9ft tall mechanically operated story-book Christmas tree.

Performance info: The Christmas Chefs were an established act made up of musicians who played popular tunes on kitchen pots and pans interspersed with easy sing along Christmas carols and comedy segments. I was asked to build a "showstopper" for them... which turned out to be a 9ft singing and dancing Christmas tree!
Show concept: A local youth group wanted to be able to perform a drama at the Easter service at their church... I was asked to put together a show which would be able to include children and young people of mixed ability.

Character built: I built props and scenary as well as a full bodied flourescent puppet to take the lead singer role.

Performance info: I employed a combination of blacklight puppetry techniques to be able to include as many young people as possible (17 in all took part). It was a set-piece item inside the larger context of an Easter service in a church so the interesting additional challenge was how to get the props off stage asap once the show had finished with minimal fuss.
Show concept: A Christmas panto with a pirates and adventurers twist!

Character built: For this I built a puppet parrot who lived on the ship... and I also built miscellaneous props including a cooker which smoked and had a fake fire.

Performance info: This was a complex show with lots of scene changes so all the props and scenery needed to be made to be either multi-purpose or easily movable. The cooker transformed into a bar so it was able to be used for the tavern scene as well as the kitchen scene. The kitchen scene was the most important though since the cooker had a life of it's own and would smoke and pots could boil over. I opperated the parrot puppet whilst I hid inside a barrel on deck.