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There are few things more fun than getting a room full of people together to learn how to perform with puppets. I've been very fortunate to be able to teach hundreds of people over the last 15 years. I have taught all over mainland UK as well as further afield in places like Northern Ireland, the Shetland Isles, Jersey, Spain, Holland, Denmark and America. I have been teaching classes on various elements of puppetry performance for over 15 years. In the main the workshops I lead fall neatly into one of three catagories...'Puppetry in education', 'Puppetry performance' and 'Puppetry for young people'.

Basic rod-arm Puppetry
This is a practical introduction to the basics of bringing your rod-arm puppet to life. Come and enjoy this informative yet relaxed workshop and get inspired to try your hand at rod-arm puppetry for the first time.
Advanced rod-arm Puppetry
If you already have a handle on the basics of puppet manipulation and you are ready to try the next level this is for you. In this workshop I'Il explain some principles of advanced manipulation and have you ready to perform a song you have never heard before by the end of the 1 hour session!
Learning great Lip Sync
The largest animated part of your puppet is often its mouth... so why don't we pay more attention to what we do with it? In this workshop I focus on teaching dynamics for mouth movement  which enable you to make small adjustments to your performance which will give you big results.
Getting to grips with Arm Rods
Often a source of frustration and at times fear, arm rods can be a real stumbling block for many puppeteers. Let me teach you some very simple but extremely effective techniques in this workshop to help you truly get to grips with arm rods.

"It's great to see people take leaps forward in
their puppet manipulation in my workshops!
I think challenging people to try harder and
aim higher is the minimum requirement
for any puppet workshop!"
Don't be alarmed - it's a human arm!
Some of the best loved puppet characters don't use arm rods at all... they are live-hand puppets (also known as "human arm" puppets). In this workshop we'll cover the basics of good live hand puppet manipulation. It's a team effort, so be sure to have another performer you're prepared to get close to, to work with.
Choreographing your puppet performance
There is much more to putting on a good puppet show than simply throwing as many puppets into the air as possible and hoping people like it. In this workshop we will work through some simple routines to help bring some order and direction to the ensemble approach to puppetry.
Creating a unique character for your puppet
In this workshop I can help you to create a memorable unique character for your puppet. This could  either be to improve upon a character you already have, or it could be to help you design a character to be built. We will look at key elements which help to identify and reinforce your character. This workshop is not designed for beginners, it is for people who have some experience in puppetry performance.
Puppetry on the Street
Having performed on the streets for many years I can help you to make the most out of performing in this challenging arena. In this workshop you can learn from my successes and failures, I’ve already made the mistakes so you don’t have to! Topics for the workshop include sound systems, staging, content and pace of your show.
Performing on Video with Puppets
Puppetry on film and TV is having a resurgence these days with “The Muppets” making new movies, CBBC being anchored by puppets and “Newzoids” on prime time in the run up to the recent election.. What can we learn from this rise in popularity in puppetry around us? And more importantly how should we change our approach to ensure we perform well on camera?
Using puppets with musical instruments
Have you ever fancied getting your puppet character to play a musical instrument? If you have this workshop is for you. We will look at various options for how to convert your puppet into a  musician. The instruments we will cover in the workshop are Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone, Clarinet, Violin, Guitar and Drums. You may want to come ready with a pencil and paper to sketch out your thoughts.
Beginners Blacklight
What is blacklight puppetry? There is always a buzz at puppet festivals before a blacklight puppet show... but how do you achieve the effect and what are the basic "do's and don'ts" of blacklight puppetry? In this workshop I will talk you though the basics of blacklight and give you pointers to get your team heading along the right track with your first blacklight performance.
Since 2014 I have been offering Private Coaching for individual performers, performance groups and Puppetry teams. If you or your team are interested in a private coaching session rather than joining in with an open workshop please visit my coaching page to find out more!