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I have been making videos on YouTube since 2006, and on this page you can watch some of the better ones without needing to wade through the hundreds of embarrassing ones I've made over the past 13 years (you can't win them all). I make videos on a variety of topics, youth work and travel vlogs are the main kinds of videos I have been making recently. 
I went through a phase of making a weekly vlog, I managed 90 weeks straight... which was harder than it seems. During that serieds one type of video stood out as the most popular by a large margin; the videos I made showing me setting up various youth work games. This playlist includes the set-up routine for various games for large and small groups.
Give it a watch, there's bound to be something you can use or adapt for your own setting!
In 2018 I took a group of mates from my church out to visit my brother and sister-in-law who live in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It's quite a trek to get to where they live (13 hours travel door to door) so I thought it would be worth vlogging the whole experience. You can see a daily video diary of what activities we got up to and the beautiful sites we visited in Bosnia and neighbouring Croatia. I also have a holiday video from Croatia which features some beautiful Croatian coastlines too.
I know that the main people that watch these videos are my own kids... but that's fine. I also have family that live all over the world so it's nice to be able to share experiences with them as we can't just meet up and swap photos very easily. This video playlist is a collection of some of our family vlogs, which may (or may not) be of interest to you - but they're the ones we sometimes sit down and watch as a family in an evening to remember the family outings we've had.