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I've been creating games for youth work settings for almost 20 years. I love the challenge of making games which work in large and small groups across a range of skills.

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I've been performing with puppets for over 25 years and building puppets for 15 years. Puppetry is something I love and have been involved with my entire life. 

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I joined YouTube back in 2006 and I've been posting on the site ever since. I have made short comic videos with puppets, travel vlogs and tutorial videos.

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Currrently the most requests I get are for advice about writing Youth Work teaching material and Youth Work games. On the left here you can see my Youth Work games playlist from YouTube. It's an up-to-date playlist of the games I'm working on and building for the young people I work with.

However I've also been involved with puppetry for over 25 years, both performing and building puppets in various contexts.

As you'll have guessed I'm a bit of a YouTuber... I've been posting videos on the site since 2006 and enjoy it a lot.